The First Step

the first step

After months and months of contemplation and struggle, here I am finally deciding to go ahead forging my career as a part-time freelancer.

But why? Isn’t my day job busy enough?

Well, it is, and especially so since I’m working in the line of social media marketing. And they definitely meant it when they say social media is 24/7.

As real as the crazy amount of work I already have on my plate is the harsh reality of hills upon hills of debts and increasingly tough standards of living – so much so that this option not only sounds feasible, but attractive.

Of course writing for the sake of earning a paycheck isn’t the complete deal here – if that was the case I’d only fizzle up as quickly as a can of expired cola.

I’ve been writing for some time now, and in all sorts of genres – album reviews for lifestyle publications, about caring for diseased fishes in a hobbyist magazine (which I didn’t even have the experience in – this will be a story for another day), and doing up press release after press release in a previous job. And I really enjoy it. I may not be the best wordsmith around, but writing has always been a pleasure to me.


But freelancing? Now, that’s a different ball game altogether. These few months I’ve been reading stories from lots of other freelancer blogs out there, like Careful Cents, and MakeALivingWriting, and truth be told, I’m nervous as hell. Will this work out for me? Will my confidence be able to take hit after hit of rejections and turn-me-downs?

I don’t know the answers to these questions – but I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try, would I?

Well, other than writing and blogging, I’d also hope that with this latest adventure I’m embarking on, I’ll actually be able to serve as an inspiration to future aspiring freelance writers as well. And that too is also partially why I’m starting this blog¬†– to¬†chronicle my journey from this very first post to hopefully a point in the future when I’m qualified-enough to be dispensing my own advice.

Ambitious? Maybe. Determined? Hell yeah.

Time to get those pitches sent!