(Just in case you’re having trouble pronouncing the name of my blog, it’s basically Harris Lim, just without the vowels.)

hrrslm profile

Hello! I’m Harris , and I’m a freelance writer based in Singapore. I juggle both my day job as a content strategist and account manager at a digital marketing agency, and my other job, which is this.

But why?

Other than the fact that I’m living in the world’s most expensive city, burdened by over $15,000 in school debts and facing an imminent $350,000 in mortgage loans, it’s as simple as me really enjoying writing. And that I also need extra pocket money to fuel my obsession with these little Lego bricks.

I’ll admit it – I’m pretty new to this, which is also partially the reason why I’m starting this blog. I hope to document my journey as I (double-hopefully) see myself grow from wide-eyed newbie to confident-enough writer, gaining enough experience along the way to be dispensing some of my own advice.

If I'm still alive under my pile of work...

While freelance writing is new to me, the whole idea of writing for money, and of course for passion, isn’t something new. Since the beginning of my journey almost three years back, I have contributed in lifestyle publications, corporate annual reports and social media content posts. My work experience spans from my current digital content role to trying my hand at strategic writing in a global public relations firm, to interviewing the likes of Lenka and Metallica at a local online magazine covering the latest film and music releases. To see a full list of where I’ve been published, check out my portfolio page.

And I’m eager to try more.

Feel free to connect with me at harris.limcy@gmail.com. In the chance you’re as interested in Lego as I am (I demand a high-five here), you can check me out at @hrrsbricks, or over at @hrrslm for my personal Instagram feed.


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